Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day Thirty Seven of my Fourty Day Fast

Thirty seven days ago I embarked on a venture to fast like Jesus did.  Forty days of fasting and prayer was my quest.  Today, I have only have three days left and I'm feeling a little sad that it will end.  Never did I dream I would gain so much insight, depth of connection and love for my Savior.    

My prayers from the beginning have ranged from praying for personal depth and clarity for the mission ahead; to praying for people around me and even praying for the "unknown" ones that I will come in contact with through starting our ministry, "Restoration Road".    I have prayed for chains of bondage to be broken and a new direction in certain areas of my own life so I could lead others into the same freedom.  I have sought a closeness with Jesus and an emptying of my own desires so I can be a useful tool for His glory. 

Although this has been a difficult journey at times, the benefits are glorious in comparison.  Spiritually, God has been showing off to me.  In His Word, He says that "if you draw near to Him, He will reveal Himself to you."  This could not be more true in my life right now.  As I have discarded the outward things that cloud my pursuit of Him, and panted after Him as a deer pants for the water,  He has given me beautiful glimpses of  who He is.   One of my constant prayers along this journey has been, "Lord, I want to see you and know you.  I want to be closer to you."   The last week has been unbelievable as He has continued to show me insight after insight.  Each one makes me more thirsty and filled all at the same time.

Today, He showed me how our own creative power of reproduction makes us feel instantly connected to your new born child.   The minute the child is born and put into the arms of its parents there is this overwhelming love that overtakes the mother and father.  It's like nothing else, the love of a parent for its child.  That love is there because the parents have just taken a little bit of themselves and created another life.  It's part of them. 

God feels that same way about us.  He created us and feels connected to us.  We, in our ability to create life, get a small picture of what God feels about His own created beings.  His children, created for His purpose.  Loved by Him.  Fallen but not forgotten.  That's what we are.  Not forgotten but given a way of redemption because of the death of Jesus Christ.  

John 3:16 --" For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

That's the love of a personal God that wants us.  He used part of Himself to create us.  There is a connection that was broken and needs to be restored.  He made the way possible, now it's up to us.

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