Saturday, March 21, 2009

Broken Humanity

As I finished watching the movie "Boy in the stripped pajamas" tonight I could not keep my composure. By the end of the movie I wept so bitterly that I thought my heart might crumble.

You see the movie is about a family whose father is a soldier running one of the concentration camps in Germany when Hitler exterminated millions of Jews. The son of this man is eight years old and starts sneaking out the back. He goes through the woods and finds another little boy across the fence in stripped pajamas. They become friends and meet at the fence.

I began to put myself in that small boys shoes. Losing his mother and sister as soon as he reached the camp. Then one day his father went on work detail and never returns. The sweet tenderness of this small boy ripped my heart to shreds.

My heart wept and then it wept some more. So much that I still at this moment can not seem to regain my composure.

How must God feel? How His heart must break as He watches humanity. As He watches what He created and called very good have such destruction in its heart. What he created with purity and love was turned into evil with one decision by man. It has reeked havoc generation after generation. Time and time again God has shown mercy and humanity has spit in His face. Mocked Him and taunted Him. It is so true, when God said in the bible that we are a stiff necked people.

Tonight, it was like I saw the true depravity of the human man and how with out hope from God we are so lost. I saw the heart of God so filled with love for us and how we turn away.

How can he still love us? How, when we are so undeserving? Such pride, such arrogance that we kill to have power and influence. Millions died in the holocaust and things of this type continue to happen. They happen because of greed for money and power. Ultimately they happen because we think we can be our own God.

But we can not be our own God. And He does have pity on us. He has pity on us because we are ignorant humans that don't know what we are doing. So He makes a way by sending a Savior.

We accept His sacrifice say we will serve Him and still don't yield. Are we so ignorant that we don't understand what we have been given? We have been given a chance at life. Life the way it was meant to be from the beginning. It takes humility. A yielding of our own human inclination to do it our way.

Will we yield so He can love? Will we let Him love us the way He would like to? Don't we see that we are breaking His heart? The God that is the embodiment of what love is, because He is love. Will we not yield to that?

Oh Lord forgive us. We are a stubborn people. Why you love us I do not know but I am thankful that you do. Have mercy on us Lord. Have mercy. Bend our necks and soften our hearts so we can yield. For with out your help we are lost. Without you there is no hope. So I lay hope in your hands and I praise you. For you are mighty and great. I praise you because You are.


Beth in NC said...

Oh, I would be wailing with you if I had watched that movie.

I am amazed at God's mercy. Truly amazed at His grace where humanity is concerned. What a stench we must be to his nostrils. He was so disappointed before that he destroyed all of mankind except for Noah's family. How often is He tempted to do that again?

His understanding, no one can fathom. His love is deeper than we can imagine.

Anonymous said...

You had me at the first blog I read!! you are going straight to my blogroll! with that said, I've seen that movie... heartache. I agree God grieves with us, that much I am sure!! Even in the 'smaller' personal catastrophies, he's right there.

Billy Coffey said...

I've been wanting to see that movie. Now I'll be sure to...

richies said...

I want to see that movie. It is very depressing to see how much hatred there is in the world. God is the only answer.

An Arkies Musings

Anonymous said...

Amen Sherri, God is truly a loving God to love us stubborn humans! AMEN! I am thankful that He does. I so want to watch that movie. Thank you for letting me know I better have a whole box of Kleenex on hand!

God bless and I have an award for you my friend!