Thursday, March 26, 2009

Heavenly Virtues vs Deadly Vices

Today, I would like to get back to the study we were doing on the subject of virtue. In the next several days we will explore some more of the virtues we should hold in our lives and there vices we should be weary of.

Opposite the seven deadly sins is what is called the seven heavenly virtues. As with many virtues talked about in the bible, there is a vice at the opposite end of each of these. On one end of what is good also on the polar opposite end has that which is bad.

Here is a list of the virtues and vices we will be taking a closer look at in the coming days.

The Virtue of Chastity vs. the vice of Lust
The Virtue of Temperance vs. the vice of Gluttony
The Virtue of Charity vs. the vice of Greed
The Virtue of Diligence vs. the vice of Laziness
The Virtue of Patience vs. the vice of Anger
The Virtue of Kindness vs. the vice of Envy
The Virtue of Humility vs. the vice of Pride

As with most virtues, if we want them to be a part of who we are, we must practice them. Practicing them helps to protect us from the temptation of its counterpart vice.

But before we begin to practice anything we must study it and know it. Once we study and understand, we can then implant the knowledge into our daily lives and begin to ask God to make that quality a permanent part of who we are.

So I hope you will come back tomorrow as we start to get know the Virtue of Chastity and ask God to incorporate it as a quality of our lives.

See you tomorrow!


IJ said...

Beautiful post sis, will borrow it so I can pass it on to others soon hope you do not mind.

God bless

Joyfulsister said...

HI Sherri
(((Hugz))) How are you doing!!
I have to do some catching up visiting my sistah's (smiles) Lately I have been so out of loop and much has to do with my chronic illness. But God is good and praise the Lord he is so faithful. What an awesome study you have going. I know the Lord is pleased as you give him this blog for his glory to shine through you my dear friend.

Hugz Lorie

Deare Diary said...

Sounds good. I will be back tomorrow.

Deanna said...

"But before we begin to practice anything we must study it and know it." ~~ what a true statement~~

hey... I have a little 'tag' for ya over at my place if ya might be interested...