Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tempted to Stay

What stops you from doing what God calls you to do? What keeps you from total surrender to God? What is it that you trust more than you trust God?

Is it discouragement you struggle with? Are you afraid to succeed? Maybe it’s easier to stay where you are. Maybe you trust where you are more than you trust the power of God?

Often times, God pushes us out of our comfort zone. We are asked by God, to go places that we have never been before. Not because He enjoys punishing us but because He knows that the place He has for us is better than the place we are at.

Recently I have experienced discouragement, making me want to stop right where I am and shut down. It has made me question where I am going, what I am doing and why. What I am learning is that discouragement and fear of moving forward is also a lack of trust.
You see, I know what I am doing right now. I am secure in where God has me right now but to move into uncharted waters..... Well, that's scary.

Even though I have faith in God and what He is capable of, I fear the unknown. I fear taking the steps forward even when I am being called there.

So why don't I trust? Why do I doubt instead of just standing in faith?

It all comes down to trusting God. Trusting that He knows best. That He will catch me when I stumble. I fear I don't know the way. That I won't be able to figure out what He wants from me. And in this, I will screw up His plan.

How prideful of me. Me screw up His plan? I suppose, if I am realistic about it I will see that I can not screw up His agenda. If I stop now though, He will only take His plan and place it in another’s hands. So the question must be asked, do I want to do His will? Do I really want my life to be directed by Him? If I do, then I must step forward in spite of my doubt. I must see the fear and continue all the way through it.

So, I would say if we believe that the plan God has for our lives is for our good then we must continue in it even when we don't see where we going. Even when it seems too cloudy to see the final destination we must hold His hand and trust to step in His footsteps. Like a small child holding the hand of a parent we must trust that where He leads will be safe and better than where we are right now.

Help us go where you lead. To walk where you walk. So when we get to where were going, we arrive by your power not our own.


Yolie said...

How true this piece is. God hasn't given us a spirit of fear but often times I find taking that first step can be frightening. That's were the trust piece comes in and the fear subsides. Love your work. Yolie

Deare Diary said...

Good post. I think that we all struggle with the same issues from time to time. Thank God that he is a patient, loving and forgiving Father.

Billy Coffey said...

Absolutely. It is all about trust. I'm learning that slowly, and it's hard to accept. But God wants my trust more than my success because He knows that without the one, there cannot be the other.

Great post, Sherri.