Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Day to Pray

Today is the official National Day of Prayer. Every day should be a day of prayer if we are to obey the command to pray without ceasing. Still, a national day to observe and focus us on prayer is a good thing. Actually, I think we should do it more than once a year, but I'll settle for this day.

Here are my prayers.....

I pray for great blessing over each of you that read this blog. That the Lord would bring much love and growth into your life. I pray each of you would become a leader among those around you. That your impact for the Kingdom of God would be great and far reaching. And you would be bold in your witness reaping a harvest of many souls for Jesus.

I pray for America and its leaders. I pray that America would turn back to the beliefs of the bible. That we would turn from the rampant sin and selfish behavior. The soft life has spoiled us and we are no longer strong and unbendable in faith. I pray we would return as a nation to the roots we came from, to the foundation America was built on. That we would return to the God that raised our nation out of the dust. I pray that our leaders would find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ so that they would begin to turn the moral current around. I pray that they would say no to abortion and yes to one man and one woman as the standard of marriage. I pray they would cast down the wave of hate speech understanding that belief is not hate, it is Gods law.

I pray for my community. That I would be an impact on the community around me. That the place that I live and gather with believers would know me and my love for Christ. Let me not make a name for myself, but instead make a name for Christ in my community. I pray that you, God, would pour out your spirit and bring great revival. That the body of Christ would seek to serve those in my community and make a lasting impact for the kingdom of God.

I pray for my local church. That we would put our own agenda's aside and look to what God would have us do. That we would seek to find where God is working and go there. That we search the community for needs and be the ones to fill them. That we would love and care for the poor, the hurt and the broken. That we would become a beacon of hope for a lost community, known only for the love of Christ we show. I pray that such a sweeping force of spirit comes over our congregation that the whole city will have to take notice and glorify God because of it. That we would be tools ready at all times to be picked up for His service.

I pray for the body of Christ throughout the world. That a great awakening will sweep the world. Time is short and we must act quickly. Many need the word of God, many need to hear the truth. I pray that the body of Christ will begin to act with urgency. That we would share with abandon the truth of Jesus Christ. Knowing that time is short and everyone around us needs the truth. I pray that the body of Christ would wake from its slumber and begin the greatest revival this earth has ever seen. Such a revival that Satan will quake in his boots and fear the coming of Christ. I pray that the foot soldiers of Christ would become battle ready and geared up to win souls at any cost. Let us go back Lord to a strong and unwavering body of believers ready for anything.

Lastly, I pray for my family. That each member of my family would surrender to Christ. For those that do not know Jesus, I pray that the Spirit would convict them until they fall to their knees before a merciful God. I pray that the conviction would be relentless until they would finally yield and turn to you. That they would give their life to you and live in the center of your will.

For those already knowing you, I pray they would become great servants of yours. That you would change them and mold them to do your will. That their lives would be in the center of your will doing your service. I pray that you would pour your blessing over each of them and give them what ever it is that they need today.

Today, mostly, I would like to give you praise. I praise your for the breath I take, for waking me up to a new day this morning. I praise you for your infinite love and grace. I praise you for the heavens and the earth you've given us to inhabit. You didn't have to paint it with an array of color that would take our breath away but you did. You didn't have to give to us but you did. I praise you for your glorious ways, all merciful, all loving, all just, you are God. All the heavens praise you and eventually every knee will bow to you. I bow to you now and say thank you. You are my love, you are my all. I Praise you!



girlforgod said...

Thank you for your awesome pryaers and faithfulness to our savior Jesus. May more Christians take their faith more seriously!!

Finally Free said...

I loved your prayer. We are praying the same at our church for a great awakening. We are praying that it starts with us in the church to repent and be broken before God. We are a small group of ladies, but dedicated. We are praying for God to wake the sleepers. I am so encouraged that others are praying for the same things. God has given you such a gift of communicating. I pray God blesses you and encourages you like you encourage others. :)


Omah's Helping Hands said...

Amen! May the Lord shower down Blessings on you dear sweet Sherri. You have such a beautiful loving heart. Hugs, love and blessings to you. Tammy