Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mister Satorian's Shoe Emporium

I had set out that day on a quest. Not just any ordinary quest, but one that would lead me to the perfect, most fabulous, enviable shoes. Shoes so super scrumptious that everyone would sit up and take notice.

Scouring every inch of the city with no luck, I began to feel my quest would end in vain. Then just as I was about to call my mission a failure, I stumbled upon the gem I had long awaited. There it was like a light in the darkness for all great shoe lovers to see. It was a shoe store I had no recollection of ever seeing before. It seemed to magically appear right before my eyes. Above the door said Mister Satorian’s Shoe Emporium in big bold letters.

“Interesting name” I remember thinking as I entered the store. Looking down the center isle, it seemed the store had no end. I could see no walls in any direction. Shoe isles splintered off to the right and off to the left. Isle after isle, rack after rack. Shoes and more shoes, they were everywhere.

I felt a euphoria come over me as I took in a deep breath that filled my nostrils with the smell of leather. I felt giddy, almost high from the smell.
I searched and shopped, isle after isle, rack after rack. It felt as if time was standing still. Turning the corner to peruse another isle I ran smack into the owner and proprietor himself, Mister Satorian. “Hello There” He said in a lilting tone. Just those two words made me feel like he had softly caressed my face. I knew that I wanted to hear more from him so I could feel his voice on my face again. But something inside me felt a bit uneasy.

Mister Satorian wasn’t tall but he wasn’t short either. He wasn’t big but he wasn’t small either. It was almost as if he could become what ever you wanted him to be. A very handsome man he was. He had smooth dark hair, eyes that twinkled and a sly smile that turned up on one side. Was he smiling or smirking? I wasn’t quit sure.

Pointing to a pair of lovely shoes, Mister Satorian said “these shoes are special; there are no other shoes like them in the world.” My ears perked up and of course my interest was peaked. “They are magical, they can become any kind of shoes you wish” he continued.

“Do tell more!” I eagerly replied.

“Well, they can be tall or short, thick or thin and any color you choose. They go from a boot to a sandal, straps to strapless and open toe to closed. They can transform in an instant, lickety-split. It’s all in your command. It’s all up to you. You will be the envy of every woman and the desire of man with these shoes on your feet.” He promised with a nod.

“Would you like to try them on?” He offered me. “Oh yes” I said. “I would love too.”

As my feet slipped in, the comfort was amazing; they seemed to hug my feet perfectly. So soft, they were like walking on pillows made just for my feet. As I imagined a sandal, instantly they changed, a sandal they had become, dainty and cute.

I’ll take them! I need them! Oh, I must have them! “How much will they cost me?” was the question I asked.

“Not much, twenty pieces, gold dollars in coins. I prefer them to bills, if you happen to have them. If not, bring them later, I trust you” he said.

Packing them neatly in a box then a bag, Mister Satorian’s sly smile returned to his face. “I’ll need a photo with address left behind. You know, for safe keeping, you know, just in case.” Handing photo and address, I then replied, “Just in case? For safe keeping? What exactly does that imply?”

“You know, just in case something happens and you need them no more, I can pick them back up for the next woman to wear. You see, they are special, you grow old but they don’t. They last forever while you, well, you won’t”

Walking out of the store, something nagged at my mind. What a great deal it was but what was this feeling? The one that was tugging and pulling inside, the one that keep nagging and saying beware?

I paused for a moment then looked at my watch. I would need to hurry if I wanted to make it to church on time. Wednesday night service would start in an hour. There was just enough time to eat dinner and change if I hurried. So I ignored the nagging and the feeling soon passed.

That night, with my shoes on, something had changed. Every woman green with envy and man with desire, showed that I was the object which they would like to aspire. The shoes had transformed not only my feet but the heart that was in me had become different indeed. Not only had my heart become hardened inside, but my head became swollen and hard to hold up. The shoulders that held it hunched from the weight. I was prideful and arrogant, nasty and mean. I became the very things that would hold me back from God’s team.

God couldn’t reach me, I was full of myself. If I didn’t shed the shoes soon, they would soon be my death. Struggling to remove them I pulled and I pushed. Finally, with much force, they sailed from my feet, hit the wall in my bedroom and fell in a heap.

Carefully, I packed them back in the box, then the bag and strutted off for the jaunt. Back to the store these foul shoes would go, but where did Mister Satorian’s Shoe Emporium go? It was here, the same spot, I had found that old place. No longer a shoe store, it had vanished with no trace. Left was only a large hole that looked dark and deep, so I shout “hello” to see if it would echo back to me. The echo went on for a very long time. Wanting safety for all I dropped the shoes down the hole. They fell and they fell with no sound as they dropped. Though I stayed and I waited for quit long while they never did seem the ever hit bottom.

Eventually, off I sprinted without looking back. No more shoe emporium in my future. That’s a fact! Done was I with arrogant pride. I will look to God from now on for the approval I need.

So I ask you today have you learned from my story? What is your shoe called? Where is your place that you shouldn’t be lurking? We all have our temptations, our places of weakness. What is your fancy?

I urge you beware. Mister Satorian lurks in strange places. He can be quit deceptive and knows where you’re weak. He tickles your fancy, makes it look quit attractive. Though, in the end, brings destruction to all drawing near him. I advise you, steer clear of his tactics and schemes. For there is nothing he has that makes you redeemed.

It is only the grace of a Savior you want. Believe me, I’ve been there. This is not just a taunt.

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Joy said...

Makes you think for sure. Good story to drive home the point.