Friday, June 19, 2009

Stuck In my Sin

I must confess to you, I am struggling and my writing has suffered. Each step we take to the next place with God takes courage and faith. There are times when God wants to take us to the next thing, he wants a part of us to die off so He can become stronger in us. I am at one of those times.

I know that I must go to the next level, or my walk will suffer. I know that He wants to change this part of me but I am struggling with it.

I have always struggled with having the will power to stay away from things I really wanted. Even if it was bad for me and I knew it, I still was powerless to overcome my thoughts.

I have come a long way in this struggle to gain self control in my life, God has taken many bad behaviors and addictions out of my life. The last one is my issue with weight. Four years ago when I stopped smoking, I instantly began to gain weight. I now need to loss over 50 pounds and live a more healthy life. I know I must learn to live better but I like bad foods.

The truth is, I haven't really wanted to give up my way of living and eating. I know God is requiring it but I still love my sin.


Please give me the heart that wants to change. Give me a heart that hates my sin.



Carol said...

Sometimes you must relax to go to the next level. If God wanted us to be perfect we would have been. Relax God loves you and is patient with those who aren't
God Bless. Love your site.

Tammy said...

I remember when God wanted me to quit smoking. I never consider myself a heavy smoker, maybe six a day.

Well, just before I quit I had read this book called "The Bondage Breaker" by Neil Anderson. It was then I realized the victory that I had over the devil and the desires that are placed in our minds.

It may sound crazy but after I finished the book, I felt more of a nudge from God, I guess you could call it a PUSH!

I looked at my cigarette one last time and thought...I can't believe this as so much control over me. So, from that point on every time I would get the urge to smoke, I would say this.

In the name of Jesus, satan you have no power over me and I will not smoke, now be gone! Yes, I did say this out loud no matter where I was, if the feeling came to smoke and my friends thought I was crazy.

Within 10 seconds the feeling was gone and I haven't smoking in 9 years ( I had tried many times to quit before this). And I wasn't mean or anxious during that time.

Hope my two cents will help and I'll be praying for you.

love and hugs~Tammy

Nicky said...

Hi Sherri, I do sympathise entirely. Only the other day, I have started to discipline myself and either go for a fast walk, a ride on the bike or a run every day if possible..and I ask the help of the Lord to do so. Cutting down croissants, cheese, chocolate and bread is also really hard for me. I try to stop nibbling! Don't forget to have a treat once in a while! Blessings x

Mike said...

By being so honest, you have encouraged many others, because we all go through this (I am at this very moment) but we are tempted to believe we are alone. Thank you :)

Epiphany said...

Thank you for saying "I love my sin". I have that problem too but have never really been able to vocalise it like that. You've helped me take the step of recognising. First step!

Mikes said...

I'm so blessed with your honesty. May God bless you and give you victory over this struggle. Our God is a victorious God and I'm sure He'll make you WIN! God Bless you more and more!

Mark said...

Did you ever have someone put a spirit on you by touch? I've had this happen 3 times that were blatant. I remove my self and begin to worship God. Within a minute or so the spirit is gone.
It works the same with a bad habit!

Hubie Goode said...


I've gone through some of this myself and always try to pass along what God has shown me about eating habits and what we have been led to believe and do by our association with a world, wich is just WRONG.

I highly recommend, as the spokesman often invokes God's divine position in our nutrition. What I've learned is that we have been trained since children to eat death instead of life. If your diet is at least 80% raw fruits and vegetables, then you have a steady diet of God breathed energy from the Sun and the Earth entering into your physical body.

90% of what is in a grocery store is not food. You can eat it, you can fill up on it but more than likely you are being addicted to it. It all begins when you are given anti biotics as a child and the intestines are unbalanced with bad fungi, which by the way, love bad sugar. Then we are raised on Froot Loops and such which were 40% sugar at one time. Once you start to eat better, you alkalanize the blood. With acidic blood, created by fake foods, smoking and polluted water, you increase the likely hood of problems in the body. Alkalizing is tantamount to your inner light. It's tough though, since the sugar meanies in your gut scream for more bad food when you do this.

There is much more to say, but is quite good at helping with this sort of thing, and they recognize God as the creator of our bounty.