Monday, June 1, 2009

What'll it be, Face Lift or Faith Lift?

Lift it up and pull it back..... A tuck here, nip there.....

There’s a craze that has invaded our society these days, it’s stay younger and defy gravity. In the pursuit of looking younger and more alluring we are making a new breed of doctors extremely wealth. The doctor I am referring to is the plastic surgeon.

Seems these days every woman has at least thought about the possibility of changing something about themselves with plastic surgery. I admit, I’ve thought about it. With a culture so focused on body image and looks, it’s hard not to buy into the quick and easy mentality.

We are hit with the concept, "have it our way fast and without any work", at every turn. The old saying "anything worth having doesn't come easy" has long been forgotten. We want happiness, but without any effort of our own. We want our cake and eat it too. If you put it on a stick so we can have it to go, its even better.

Maybe what we need instead of a quick fix or "lift" on our face is a change inside. What we really need is a faith lift.

Allot of churches in American have lost their faith. Not that some don't still believe and preach the gospel correctly. But where is the big God of the bible these days? You know, the God that does God-sized things?

Budgets are made, giving is recorded, but where is the step out into the unknown? Historically, when God wanted to do something to show himself, it required big faith of His people.

Moses stepped out in big faith and faced the Pharaoh of Egypt. Abraham followed God without knowing where he was going. Noah built an ark while everyone laughed and mocked. The disciples performed miracles that made many believe.

When people see God at work, they then believe. Where is God at work in our midst? Where are the God-sized events that show His greatness? Have we lost so much of our faith that we have reduced Him to a small insignificant God? Do we even care anymore? Having it our way is much more pleasing to our flesh, so why should we care?

If America is to survive and thrive as a "Christian nation" faith is essential. A faith lift is necessary if we are going to do things God's way and it starts with us.

Our nation was built on the belief in a God that is big enough to create a universe.
Faith and obedience in God’s ways is not always easy. If we are be what God asks us to be we must step out in faith when God urges us to do so. We must step out to do the impossible, believing God will accomplish His purposes.

Faith requires action. Our actions show our faith. When God calls do we obey? Do we step out and take the risk of looking like a fool? Do we sacrifice our comfort? Do we love Him enough to do that?


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

The problem with a lot of plastic surgery, is that people can still tell you've been under the knife! It's like going to the movies and being able to pick out the special effects, when a person was replaced with a computer image. It has no soul - it's just a picture. And that's what a 'perfect' face is without anything inside - just a picture.

Peter P said...

Preach it sister.

Preach it all day long!!!

Love it!

Vlad said...

Everybody pleases his/her ego sometimes..

Rachel said...

Great post! I was just thinking about this area this morning. How we, Christians, often pursue those things that the world chases after - money, health - when we need to trust God with those things like those in the Bible did and focus on the goal or purpose He has laid on our hearts. It is amazing how the world can distract us and when it does we become less affective because we aren't living by faith but by the wisdom of the world.


Treany said...

Thank you for writing this. So many women I know, even Christians have had, or want to have plastic surgery. To me it seems such an extreme measure that it must be wrong. It is good to hear and know that I am not alone in accepting myself while not looking perfect, and instead wanting to change the inside.

author said...

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