Thursday, October 29, 2009

Living Water

Watching, waiting
Clouds overhead
Darkness all around
I wait for the heavens
To pour out it's tears

Mouth open, tongue waiting
Parched and dry I wait
I wait for just one drop
A single drop to wet my throat
And quench my thirst

Just one drop
A living drop of water
To begin the down pour
And wash over me
Bringing soul relief

Alone, afraid
Aware of my need
Dryness all around me
I wait for the rain
Living rain from heaven

Lord, send the rain
I cry out loud
Let it cover my soul
Before I shrivel
And blow away

Walk, No, Run
The distance gleams
A pool glistening
Tears from heaven
Gathered in one place

I climb the stairs
I reach the top
Bounce, jump, up, then down
I arch my back and point my toes
Splash I'm in

Covered by it
Refreshed by its goodness
I stay awhile
Enjoying its cooling touch
Alive by its truth

The Word
The Word of my God
It is the rain
It is the water
It is all I really need


Tammy said...

Beautiful! Those words described were I've been these last few weeks and my heart cries out to the Lord.

love and hugs~Tammy

Matty said...

As the dear pants for the waters so my soul longs for Gods word. Its life giving and anyone living without the water of life is dead.


Sherri Watt said...

Thanks Tammy, so glad it blessed you.

Matty, thanks for your comment. So true, without the water of life we are dead.

God bless!