Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last week I posted about marriage being difficult. Thank you everyone for your comments and advice.

I do want to clarify. My marriage is not in jeopardy. Although we have our struggles, my marriage is solidly in the hands of Jesus. We made a covenant five years ago that we both intend to keep.

We do experience times that are tough in a married couple’s life. Finding the way to put ourselves aside and give instead of get is not always easy. This is especially difficult in a second marriage. The failings that happened the first time around have a way of creeping in the second one.

Seems that the second time around you have even more strikes against you from the start. You each bring extra things to overcome. Failures from the past, children, etc. In our case there were four children on his side and two on mine. When the children came before the marriage, it can be very easy to feel more loyalty to them. What you really have to work at is putting each other before the children.

My husband and I are strongly rooted in Jesus Christ. In each of our lives Jesus is first. Then we come together with Jesus at the head of our relationship. The problem comes in when we forget to put one another’s needs before our own. When we become selfish we both lose. I don't get my needs met and neither does he.

I believe this is a common failing in all of us. Not just in our marriage relationships but in all our relationships. It's called self. "I want my way." It's a prideful heart that says this. It's at the center of all of us. We are concerned with ourselves before anyone or anything.

So this week, I’m asking God to help me put my selfish "self" aside and meet my husband’s needs before my own. Change me Lord. Take the pride from my heart and help me to love others with Your love.



Tidbits of Torah said...

Only G-d should be first. When one praises a created being then it is called idolatry. Be rooted in G-d alone.


Sherri Watt said...

Thanks for your comment but Jesus was and still is part of the trinity of God. He was fully God when here on earth and is now seated in heaven at the right hand of the Father. Belief in Jesus Christ is not idolatry but the only way to the Father God. He is the one that paid the price for my sins and yours also when He went to the cross. Without that we would all be stuck in our sins and have to pay the penalty ourselves. I don't want to have to pay for my own sins. We would all fail and be on our way to hell instead of heaven with out the blood of Jesus Christ. Even the angels cry out in heaven "WORTHY IS THE LAMB OF GOD, WORTHY IS THE LAMB OF GOD" That lamb they speak of is Jesus!

God Bless you and Shalom too you also.

KingsKid777 said...

I believe that if ll marriages are rooted with God that none none should fail...The problem with today is that many people play lets pretend and live with each other before marriage.

Sherri Watt said...

Very true, if we are following what God would want instead of what we want a marriage should not fail. My husband and I were both in marriages before where neither of us was serving the Lord. Therefore we were in our marriages for ourselves. My first marriage was many years ago and I did not know Christ. Unfortunately, it still effects today and my marriage now.

Even though our sins are forgiven once we repent, that does not mean the consequences are gone. We still reap what we sow.