Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jesus said Follow Me

I must follow..... You must follow..... We are all called to follow.

When Jesus called each of the twelve disciples he spoke some very simple words, "Follow Me." Again and again in scripture we see Jesus give the same command to those who came to believe in Him. Just as those who walked with Christ before us, we are called to the same. The plan is simple, He leads, and we follow. When He says turn right, we turn right. When he says turn left, we turn left. This is our calling, to follow Jesus where ever He leads.

Sometimes we get side tracked though. We get so excited about what He has brought us to, that when he begins to move again, we decide we want to stay. We try to reason with Him. "Lord, you don't want me to leave this do you? I'm doing good stuff here; you can't want me to leave." Without explanation or apology he simple answers "Yes." He does understand our reluctance to leave. There is mercy as He speaks, but the answer is still the same.

Occasionally, we decide we are right, we know best. We stay even when he continues to urge us on. We plant our feet firmly in the ground as a small child might do and say "NO! I'm not going!" We are happy with the way things are. IF IT AINT BROKE DON'T FIX IT! Right? Only one problem, we can't see down the road. Often, further down the road, we realize it's not working as we thought and now were all alone. Jesus moved and we didn't.

Frustrated, we go looking for where He went. Thinking "If He would just give me the big picture, this sort of thing wouldn't happen!" If Jesus would just tell us what He wanted us to do, when to do it, how He wanted it done and who to get involved along the way, we could map out a plan and get to work. That’s it! all we really need is a full color map to light the way! If he would just give us a map of what He wants for our lives all would be well. We could take it into our own hands ands put a plan together. We could get this thing done!

Ouuuuch! That would be our plan wouldn't it? If He gave us all the detail upfront we would take matters into our own hands wouldn’t we? We would be doing what "we" decided and not living by faith anymore. We wouldn't be walking with Christ, instead we would be just checking in with Him occasionally like a supervisor.

I think maybe His plan is a better plan for us after all. We should move when He says move. We then watch for signs He puts up along the road; approach with caution, stop, yield, danger up ahead.

No map, no agenda, just a ride with Jesus in the driver’s seat. Yes, that’s probably a better plan.

Now to execute it.....

"Jesus, I can plug that address into my GPS, where'd you say we were going again?"

Oops! There I go again!


Carol said...

Your are so right, the hardest thing should be the simplist but not. I find it constantly a challange, this being human is no easy thing.

April Lorier said...

Sometimes it's so easy to forget we are to be about OUR FATHER'S business, not our own! Your post was a great reminder, Sherri. Thank you! I needed that! ;-{


Sorry, Sherri.Hit the wrong button! I'm so preoccupied with my Christian Nature blog... OK, no excuses, April!

Tammy said...

Oh,how I'd like to know where He's taking me but then again I do love surprises!

Great post.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome ride it is when Jesus is in the drivers seat! What an awesome experience to let Him lead and I follow! AMEN!