Monday, April 6, 2009

A Miracle for Thomas

Thomas was a three year old boy, full of energy and life last year when someone came into his life and tried to kill his spirit. Not only did this man try to kill his spirit but he hurt him physically.

Last year, word spread quickly through our church about the grandson of a woman we have all had the privilege to get to know throughout this year. We love Roxanne dearly and have prayed as the story unfolded of what small Thomas had to endure.

You see Thomas's parents are divorced. Mike, Roxanne's son and Thomas's father did not have custody. Instead Thomas lived with his mother. Unfortunately, this woman was a neglectful and irresponsible mother. She involved herself with a man named Wilber who had previously served time for child sexual abuse. Then she left Thomas alone with him.

This man sexually abused Thomas. If that wasn't bad enough, when he figured out that Thomas's father was getting suspicious, he then tried to cover up his crime. He took little Thomas, cradled him in his arms and dipped his back and bottom in scalding hot water.

Thomas screaming and thriving in pain left bite marks on his perpetrators shoulder. When all was done, Thomas was sexually assaulted, his back side was burned and his face was beaten and bruised.

In the last year, Thomas has thrived in the care of his father. Praise God, Mike was given custody. But the trial is this week and the courts are forcing Thomas to testify on the witness stand with the man who hurt him in the room.

He is already showing signs of stress from them getting him prepared to do this. He is wetting the bed again and stuttering. The news that Thomas must go into the courtroom and face this man again is heaping burning coals on the situation.

Today is the jury selection. Tomorrow, (Tuesday) Thomas takes the stand. Please Pray! Pray hard! Pray loud! This small boy needs a miracle.

We are all his church; we must hold him up in prayer!


I pray that just like you did when Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego were in the fire and you came down in that fire with them, you do the same for Thomas tomorrow. I pray that during the time he is in the courtroom you are there and he will know it. I pray you put a protection around him while he is in the fire of that courtroom. And just like those three that came out of the fire with only their bonds burned off, Thomas's bonds would be burned off. That Thomas would come out with not even the smell of smoke left on him. Let everyone in the courtroom know that you have been there Lord. Let every man, woman and child walk away from this knowing that the glory of God shined down that day. Send a miracle for this child Lord and let that miracle be your supernatural presence protecting him.

In Jesus name,


Billy Coffey said...

What a horrible story for this poor boy. Prayers for him and that all will be well.

J.L.Velez said...

Lord, I lift Thomas up to you in prayer. Give him the strength he needs, help him to feel your hand upon his shoulder, and cradle him with your everlasting peace.

Ruth said...

I just saw this...I'll be praying for little Thomas. How awful for him! but I know God can heal and protect him. I'll keep praying!

Virginia said...

I stand and believe in the outcome of victory for Thomas. Please keep us updated

Sherri Watt said...

Thank you all for praying. GOD SHOWED UP IN A MIGHTY WAY!

Thank you!