Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thomas The Conquering Hero

As I posted Monday, four year old Thomas had to face the man who hurt him in court yesterday. His parents had been preparing him for the day. They talked to him about how he was going to stop this man from ever hurting anyone else like he was. He was going to be a hero just like his favorite hero Dave the Pickle on Veggie Tales.

There have been many of God's people praying for Thomas. Yesterday during court, not only were there people in the courtroom praying but others were praying all over the city.

Last night Roxanne called me to tell me God showed up in that courtroom yesterday. I will let you hear it in her words. Here is the email that she sent out to all that prayed for Thomas.

God came into the courtroom this morning! I could feel him!

During my son's (Michael) testimony while the jury was looking at the gruesome photos, my son, in near tears, prayed while on the stand. Something he hasn't done for some time. He hasn't even wanted to talk about God, let alone pray to him. (When I called him on the phone later, all he talked about was God.)

Then my grandson strutted into the courtroom like a peacock... Filled with courage to tell the truth to save other children. (At least that's what he told me on the phone later that night, that he was a hero saving other children.) Like he was a very important person! He had a large plastic cross boldly displayed around his neck which read... I Love Jesus (in bright red letters)! Under his sweater, he proudly wore his heroes on his T-shirt... The Veggie Tales:) Which he yanked up his sweater to show us:) He spoke boldly with absolutely NO stuttering what-so-ever, and he didn't even see the defendant... it was as if he were invisible to Thomas because God had Thomas hidden & sheltered under his wing. Wilber was right in front of him and Thomas walked right by Wilber at one point, but he never saw him. I just sat there in AWE! It was so amazing!!!! God was there, answering all your prayers, protecting Thomas! Praise the Lord!

Later that night while talking to my son I heard Thomas in the back ground talking to his step-mom and stuttering as usual, just a few words now and then like he used to. But at court there was NO stuttering. He told everyone Wil hurt him and when the defendants lawyer tried to trip him up with a comment about the mom doing it, Thomas got even louder and said... NO, WIL DID IT!

God showed up in a miraculous way and all I can say is: PRAISE THE LORD! PRAISE THE LORD!

Thank you all for praying! Thomas may have had to face the fire but he was not burned by it!



Billy Coffey said...


He is a hero. Better, even, than Dave the Pickle. No doubt about it.

God takes care of his little ones. Always.

Keelianderson said...

Thank you for sharing this story. I'm in tears as I write this because I'm so thankful that God hears our prayers and this is just one great example how prayer changes lives! Good luck to little Thomas and his family!

Lori said...

Awesome! How great is our God?

Scott McQueen said...

He is truly a hero. Thomas will be in my prayers for a long long time.

Who feels it - knows it.