Friday, July 24, 2009

Finding the Father

For many years my relationship with God focused mostly on Jesus and what He did for me on the cross. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that it’s a bad thing to focus on or love Jesus for what He did. I love Him dearly myself. What I am saying is I never really gave allot of thought or attention to knowing the Father.

I prayed to Him like most do, starting my prayers addressed to Him and ending them in Jesus name. What I did not do was get to know who He was or understand what He did for me.

You see, like many, I associated my own earthly father’s characteristics to my heavenly Father. In a society where a large majority of children either don't have a father present or have a father that is angry, to busy or disconnected, it really doesn't paint a good picture of who our heavenly Father is. Myself, I had a real father that walked away and left me feeling abandoned and a step father that abused me. Needless to say my view of my heavenly father was of one who was critical, cruel and unavailable. Makes sense that I would ignore that part and focus only on Jesus.

Here's the burn though, we can't truly know God fully without knowing the Father also. It is in the Father that Jesus put all His trust while on this earth. It was the Father's will that Jesus fully submitted to and went to the cross for us. It was the Father that willed it to happen and Jesus who followed through with the act. That act is what brought each of us freedom from condemnation. It was the Fathers will that we be provided a way to be with Him. How could that be a cruel or critical God?

The last several years for me have been an adventure of finding the Father. The Father, MY Father, wanted me to know Him personally, for who He really is. Jesus made a way for me to do that. Now I could approach Him, call Him Dad and see Him for who He really is.

What I have found is He is not critical or cruel but kind and full of mercy. He is not unavailable but ever watchful, waiting to pick me up each time I fall. He then kisses away the hurt and sets me back on my feet again.

Here is the best part, as I found my Father, I also found me. I found the me I was suppose to be. After all the hurt was washed away, there was me. The person I was intended to be from the beginning. I only had to trust my Father to make me that person. As I did, I realized, it was what He had intended all along. To make me into what He had intended me to be even before I was born.

I am my Father's child. Loved. Adored. He even calls me beautiful.


Just Be Real said...

Sherri, thank you for sharing. I certainly understand the comparision of our earthly fathers with our Heavenly Father. I understand the struggle between the two. Until we can really feel God's love will we know what unconditional love is. Thanks for sharing.

Sai Kit said...

As a fellow blogger I understand what you meant by what you said on "No Pressure"

Glad to know another Christian who is going through similar battles like I am.

Keep up with the good fight. It's just the beginning in our campaign for Christian online presence!

wayfarerjon said...

Thank you for this post. You are so right, that knowing God as Father is crucial. I really identify with this writing. Thanks again!