Monday, July 20, 2009

Is God Really Enough

This thought has been rolling around in my head. Is God really enough?

Is He enough when you find the love of your life and loose them. Is He enough when your body is wracked with pain from the past? Is He enough when you’re told there will be no children in your future?

What about when your children leave the nest or when everything you have worked so hard to build slips away? Is God really enough when everything and I mean everything is gone?

In the bible, Job lost everything. He lost his material wealth, all his belongings, his children, his legacy and even his health. Here was a man that did no wrong. He loved God and believed with all that He had. But still, he lost everything. People came to him in his time of deep sorrow and saw no hope. His own wife even told him to "curse God and die." Some how even when all he held dear was gone he knew that God was all he really needed.

So often we seem to get so caught up in what is around us that we lose track of the real thing in our life. I know I myself have done this more often than I care to admit. We lose track of the truth that our relationship with Christ is really the only thing we need. All the rest is just blessing.

Today, I urge you to ask yourself this same question that I have been pondering. Is God really enough? If the answer is no, take it to God and ask him to change you. Ask Him to make your heart right and take you to the place that you know that He is enough.

Don't we all need the assurance to know that He is?


Joy said...

I've thought about this too Sherri, in this crazy mixed up world, people are looking to others to bail them out of every situation they find themselves in. I want to trust God for my needs. One of our pastor was telling us a few weeks ago when he first started using credit cards in college that he would charge his textbooks on the cc.
He became very convicted that he was trusting VISA to pay his bill instead of trusting God to provide for him thru Seminary. It was a good point.


Cindy Bultema said...

Yes, He is enough!! I learned this the hard way a few years ago when my fiance was suddenly killed in a freak workplace accident. With one phone call, I lost my dreams, my best friend, and my vision for the future. All I had left was God. And you know what? I experienced His presence and His peace, His provision and His comfort like never before. Yes, God is enough.

Mikes Sumondong said...

it's very vital that we remind ourselves everytime that God is actually more than enough!

Hubie Goode said...

Just go out in the late evening, under a clear, star speckled sky and look deeply into space at all the vast creation and gaps in between the millions and millions of suns far, far away and know that there is only one of you. And if you had been the only person ever born, Jesus, who created all those amazing heavens, would have died to save you from the penalty of sin.

He takes care of you and I.