Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Freedom From Dysfunction

When born, a baby has an inherent nature to bond with its parents. It is completely dependant on the parents for love, nurture and care. As the baby grows into a child there are things that are supposed to be natural for the parents to extend to their child. When the love, nurture and care aren't given because of abuse or neglect things get twisted and out of whack. It is only through God that what should have been given can be restored.

I see all around me the outcome of dysfunction. Our society seems to breed it. Which shouldn't be a shock considering the move we have taken away from the moral code of the bible. Without the bible as a starting point to gauge right from wrong there is no marker. At that point, anything can go. Man was not created to make the rules in which to live by, but to live by the rules given by the creator.

When we do decide to go it on our own and make our own rules, that’s when we get broken. In turn we break others.

Lets go back up to the baby I spoke about. When a child is born, God intends for the parents, guided by Him, to care for that baby as He would Himself. When guided by Christ, the parents are to oversee the care, nurture and growth of the child. Knowing the entire time that they are only stewards of the child. In truth that child does not belong to them, it belongs to God. We are all Gods children. Then after molding and guiding the child at the appropriate time the parents release him or her back to God.

Deciding to make our own rules and live apart from God takes the story in a different direction. We get broken by doing things our own way. We are created to be dependant, so if we are not putting our dependency on God, it goes elsewhere. Often times, its alcohol, drugs, work, eating, sex, gambling, anger, control and money. We turn to compulsive behaviors that give us some kind of outlet or some kind of feeling of control. When we take the reins in our hands, we eventually take the horse in the wrong direction. We might rage at our children because we feel the need to control them. Maybe we neglect them because the focus of our lives is on ourselves. What ever the case, our children pay a price for our choice to disobey God.

When we are away from God, we become self consumed and to varying degrees the ones that suffer are our children. They become what are so evident today in society, a product of dysfunction.

So how does a product of dysfunction come out of it and begin to change?

Only by the blood of Christ. Dysfunction and compulsive behavior can only be changed by God. Hurt, anger and distrust can all be removed by the one that made us. There is freedom available for each of us in Christ. Whatever the dysfunction is in your life that was created by your past, God desires freedom from it for you.

John 8:36 - Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

We were never meant to endure such things as abuse and neglect. We were never meant to be hurt and wounded by our parents. We were never meant to cause deep wounds to our children, but we do when we are broken ourselves.

There is freedom available but it takes a step of faith to get it. First you must put your faith in Jesus as your Savior. Then trust Him to begin the process of taking it from you. When we exercise our faith and make a determined choice to trust Him, He is faithful to give us the freedom we need. We then become free indeed.


Beth in NC said...

So true. One of our pastors preached about our moral compass a few months ago. He said many people in our country don't have a moral compass that was set by God's Word. Instead ... their compass was set by their environment. Scary isn't it? Doesn't that explain why the world is in this shape?

Amen to exercising our faith to gain what God freely gives.


Anonymous said...

Amen Sherri. God is indeed faithful. I am so glad that He is. Blessings my friend.

Anonymous said...

This touches on something that the Lord showed me a couple months ago.

Throughout the Bible, we are referred to as sheep, and that's no accident. Sheep are followers, and God designed us to be followers of Him. Instead, we decide to be independent and refuse to follow Him.

In the final analysis, though, we are still made as followers, so in our "independence" we wind up following something else - a government, a movement, a superstar, a church.

Only when we decide to submit to God and follow Him will we be set free from the lies of the world.

Good post, Sherri. Thanks.

Angi said...

Great insight. I wish we could get this message out to more soon-to-be parents and neglected children.

Anonymous said...

Great site!

Sherri Watt said...

Thank you all for your comments. It is only by the grace of God that we are set free!

God Bless!