Saturday, February 28, 2009

You Lead, I'll Follow

As I put my son to bed last night he said "Mommy, how come everyone doesn't love God?" "Well, not everyone wants to give up there own way and follow God. Some people don't want to let God be in charge so they reject Him" I said. "So they'll go to hell then won't they?" He said with a tear in the corner of his eye.

What a soft and pliable heart. The heart of a child that follows Jesus so easily. The kind of heart we should all have. Once again, I am taught a lesson by my eight year old son.

From a small child we are taught to be independent, able to take care of things on our own. We learn how to deal with things on our own so we can move away and handle our life apart from our parents. Often, in that equation, we learn to be independent so well that we forget how God hard wired us. He hard wired us to be dependant on Him.

Being dependent and just following God where He leads is difficult. Seems so odd that following should be difficult, but it is. We were designed by our creator to walk with Him, and allow Him to give us what we need. When Adam chose to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil it changed everything. We now fight against our hard wiring. We now have a sin nature that wants to be in control, to be independent. So what is best for us is the very thing we fight against.

I was told this story the other day by a friend. "In seminary a professor of mine took our class through an exercise. He took us on a tour where we all lined up behind him and followed him all over the campus. He said nothing and ended up back in the classroom. What we had done was reminiscent of the game follow the leader. He ended the exercise by telling us 'This is our job with God, we are to follow. Where He says to go, we go. That’s all, we follow'. "

Seems easy enough. Right?

Not always so when your sin nature is fighting against it. Our biggest enemy in this battle is our self. Satan fights against us yes, but we often get in our own way. God says to go one way and we would rather go another.

Sometimes its fear that pushes us in our own direction. We know He is calling us to do something but the thought of it is way too scary. What would people think? They might think I am crazy. Or what if I fail? You say to yourself. What if I really didn't hear Him right? I probably didn't, so you stay right where you are or go a different direction. Going in a different direction didn't work for Jonah and it probably won't work for you either.

Maybe it could be pride that keeps us from following. Thinking we know enough to take care of it ourselves. Why bother Him, I can get this one. "You just relax God, I got you covered" my pride seems to say at times. How ridiculous is that!? Me thinking I know better than God?

Suffice it to say what ever the hindrance, we would be much better off if we just let go and let God. Then just follow Him when he tells us, "Let’s go".

The disciples followed Jesus. Day in and day out for three years, they followed and learned as they went. This is what we are called to do. Not to walk beside and decide together. Not to get in front and lead Him. Not to lag behind and catch up later. We are to follow Him. So closely on His heals that we get the dust from His sandals kicked up on us.

Matthew 16:24 - Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me."

If we desire to go with Jesus, He is clear. We must deny our own sin nature, take up our cross and follow Him.

Help us humbly follow behind you Lord. For You do know best.


Tammy said...

Your writing is full of truth and I like that,because it's the truth that sets us FREE.

Fernvale Community Church said...

Beautiful post and so, so true. It is following Christ and giving up our lives totally to Him that takes so much faith. However through doing this we will be able to live life to the full and live the life He has intended for us.

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

"Okay LORD, I hear YOU!!!"

Man, Sherri, if I could only count how many times in just 3 days I've felt God deep down in my gut telling me 'Stop being a mom to your laptop....I made you a mom to your 3 & 5 yr. old.' I've been sensing His call to pull back from my Internet usuage time for awhile now. And I never intended it to get carried away, it just somehow happened in the last few months of me being online way to long; nearly daily. That's hard to admit, but easy to solve right? Just read your own post you've's not as easy as it seems especially once you're already caught up in it....the pressure to do this or that is overwhelming for me.

So when I came to your blog just now I rolled my eyes in guilt, held my head in shame, and whispered 'Lord I hear you....I've been hearing you, but with Sherri's post, now I must submit and take up my cross to take me to where you lead me. Please forgive me.' Which is what I will be doing; obeying His tug on my heart to decrease internet time. I'll still be around because I don't feel like God is saying leave all together; but just to have moderation and be online on just Monday's and Fridays or something. I'll also still be stalking your blog, looking for more readings with your words of wisdom. You are such a blessing and little do you know how much God speaks through you into the lives of others. Thank you God and thank you Sherri for obeying what he instructs you to post about.
Love ya girl,
Your Friend,
Sarah Cecilia

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

I think that's part of what's meant by recieving Jesus like a child. We forget how to not be so independant and self-reliant - I think especially so here in America where we move away from all of our family and go it alone.

Great thoughts!

RobertOf Manila said...

I strongly agree with this post. That we must follow God wherever He leads us to, no matter what.

I remember what pastor Rick Warren said in his best selling book, we must follow God completely and whole hearted even if we completely do not understand the logic or reason behind it like what Noah did when he was instructed by God to build an ark on top of the mountain.

i believe like every Christian that everything is possible to do as long as we are dead to ourself and that Jesus is living in our hearts while following His will!

Billy Coffey said...

Difficult, yes, to follow Him sometimes. But always rewarding.

Thank you for this great post.

Sherri Watt said...

Thanks everyone, as always, I am blessed by each of your comments!

Hey Sarah, Don't feel alone. I get those reminders from God too. At least He is gentle and merciful with us. Heres a big HUG for you girl friend!!