Wednesday, February 18, 2009

House of Hope Romania

Today I would like to tell you about a ministry that has knitted its way into many hearts at the church I consider my family. In 2005 Summit Woods Baptist Church of Lees Summit Missouri joined in partnership with a small Baptist Church in Baile Olanesti Romania. For the last three years our Pastor, Ryan Bowman has lead several mission trips each year to Romania to help grow the gospel in Baile Olanesti Romania and the surrounding areas.

For many years Romania was considered a closed nation to the gospel but is now open to missionaries bringing the truth of Gods word to the Romanian people. Through the last three years the people at Summit Woods have given their time, money, prayers and heart to do the work of God in a place that has much need.

On the second mission trip God provided incredible circumstances by which the people from Summit Woods meet Rebecca Graham. She shared her vision for the Orphan Center and a partnership was soon formed.

Rebecca Graham was called by God to Romania ten years ago to work with orphans. God has used her in mighty ways to help the children of Romania. And God is just getting started....

Recently God began to call our church back to Romania to help finish the construction of the Center. We believe it can be done in a relatively short time if we have the funds to get there and purchase the materials necessary. But we need help to do it. Thats where you come in.

Here is what I would ask from you, Christ's church. Pray, ask God if he would have you help in some way. Can you join in the mission some way, can your church join in. After you have given it time in prayer, then I would ask that you do as God leads.

Below is a video about the House of Hope Romania Orphan Ministry

If you would like to you can send any donations to:
(please note on your check that it is to be used for construction)

House of Hope
PO Box 211
Harford, KY 42347

You can email Rebecca at or Ryan Bowman at

To see more about her ministry you can go to


Josh Mueller said...

Thanks Sherri for sharing about this ministry. My wife works for a Canadian charity that is aiming to bring the gospel and relief to Romanian orphans through community centers, medical care and finding Christian foster parents for them within the country. It's always encouraging to hear how others are involved in the country as well!

Daniel C. Wilson said...

Orphanages have a special place in my heart. My sister was adopted from overseas, and one of the most powerful trips in my life was when I spent 3 weeks in Kenya building an orphanage in connection with a ministry. I see adoption as the story of every Christian spiritually. And I respect those who adopt a child and are used by God to bring the child closer to spiritual adoption into the Father's family. What a great ministry!

Rebekah said...

This is so wonderful! Thank you for sharing this.

valerie lynn said...

What a wonderful video. The people are truly doing God's work and my prayers and thoughts are with them all. Tears came to my eyes! Thanks for sharing this Sherri and God bless you and your wonderful heart.

Billy Coffey said...

What a great video, and what a great witness.

Thanks for sharing this.

Scott McQueen said...

Thanks Sheri,
One of the Churches I attend also supports orphanages in Russia,Romania, and even Swaziland Africa. Amazingly, they have met their goal of finding individual sponsors for each of the children at these orphanages for the next year, so we are working on building a playground for the Swaziland site. Anyway, I always like to hear and see how we, together, as Christs Church are making a difference. I know it isn't much, but I also know every bit counts, so I'm sending what I can for now. Keep up the Good Fight sister!

God Bless!