Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Adventures of Larry the Smiley Guy #2

This week as I started my week I found my friend Larry on the counter with a coffee cup. When I asked him why he was hanging out there with a coffee cup, his answer was a simple one "Drinking coffee". Duh, What was I thinking? As you can see, I'm not too sharp that early in the morning...

Larry had decided to take up coffee drinking. He had heard such wonderful things about the stuff and how people just raved over it. Since he had no way to get the really good stuff at Starbucks, he decided to indulge himself with some of my husband’s home brew. He said that due to his advancing age, he was starting to be a bit sluggish in the mornings.

Well of course, what was I thinking? We all need a little help in the morning at least once in a while, now don't we. How can a guy with a brand new tattoo go out and spread his message to the world if he is not awake. He had work to do that day, people to talk to and a message to get out there.

So to help my friend out, I did what any loving friend would do in this situation. I poured him a cup. I believe in his message and I'm all for spreading the word, so why not?

Well, I'll tell you why not....

Little smiley guy, great big cup, just how in the world is this guy gonna drink it. Didn't think about that before I poured and the next thing you know, over the top he goes. Instead of drinking out of the cup, he's now swimming in it. He was swimming in scalding hot coffee. However, I did find out that he knows how to float. Good information to know, not a great way to find out. Needless to say, Larry did not make it out to spread his message that day.

For now, I believe he is on the wagon. No coffee for Larry the Smiley Guy. Right now he has to spread his message a little later in the day. I am however on the hunt for a Christmas gift. A Smiley Guy sized coffee cup. I think he's gonna love it!!

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