Tuesday, December 2, 2008

From the Mundane to the Miraculous

Something said recently by a young mother got me thinking. She said in the everyday life of being a stay at home Mom there can be a lot of boredom. That it sometimes feels like your not doing anything important for God by wiping another nose.

Don't we all feel like this at times? That in the day to day routine of life we get bogged down. We feel like we are doing nothing really important with our lives. I began to ask myself, do we miss the mini miracles and the hands of God because we just aren't paying attention? Do we just not see Him because He's not there, or is it something else? I would bet it’s the latter, it is the something else. I would suffice it to say that He is there, we just aren't noticing.

Take the life of a young mother. Day in and day out she is tending to the needs of her children. Making sure that they are taken care of physically, mentally and emotionally. But does she think about it this way. God put one of His creations in her hands to mold and shape. She is training something that God ordained and created. Each day, she has the power in her hands to shape her child to be more of what God wants or less of what He wants. This is not an overnight process, it takes years. Then once the time is up, she gives the child back to God. That is power, the power to mold a life.

We all have the power in our hands every day to change someone’s day or even at times change someone’s life. Sometimes it’s a word that we speak or a gesture that we make that can profoundly affect another person. This is a miracle that God has laid in our hands each day.

Each day is a complete miracle. The sun rising and setting is a miracle. The intricate beauty in the birds and how they can fly is a miracle. The DNA that creates a human life, again a miracle. We in ourselves are walking talking miracles in a world created by a miraculous God.

We see all the amazing works done in the bible and think that our lives should read like that. Our life should be chock full of amazing miraculous adventures. Well, maybe it will be when we are nearing the end and looking back on it. Even so, the majority of the stories written about in the bible occurred over many years.

Take Moses life, when you read his story it’s amazing! It took place over his lifetime. I am sure that he had many mundane times as well. They just didn't make for good reading and weren't worth recording.

My favorite example has to be the story of the people of God wandering in the desert. They wandered around for 40 years, visibly saw God in the clouds or fire above the temple. Every day God provided manna, their daily bread. Everyday, a miracle from God occurred to give them what they needed to eat. How soon did they forget? How soon was it that they forgot that it was a miracle and counted it instead as the mundane? Not only did they forget it was a miracle, they began to complain! We want something else they began to whine...

How often do we do this? Are we content with what our Lord gives us? Or do we complain and count it as mundane, ordinary, not exciting enough? I want something else God.

I am guilty of not realizing the everyday miracles in my life. I have counted them as mundane and complained also. When I have stopped to count the everyday miracles, I needed more fingers and toes. There are so many.

I am glad to know that God is there in the mundane everyday things of life. I am also glad to know that if I only change my perspective I will see the miraculous all around me. I want to live life with that perspective. Lord, help me do that.


Anonymous said...

As a stay at home mom I too felt the same way. But, now I have found many ways to do what God has put me on this earth to do. I volunteer while the kids are at school. This is the best decision I ever made. Making someone feel good about themselves, smile when they feel down or giving a simple hug is the best thing a person can receive. Sometimes we have to take it upon ourselves to find ways which will bring joy into our lives. Volunteering is a great way.

Sherri Watt said...

So true Valerie Lynn. I started volunteering also after my youngest son started school. It is a great way to spend your time and bring joy into your life!!

Lorrie said...

Hi Sherri. Found you through HCB and I am delighted!
Our own perspective weighs heavily on what we receive and give to others - so true!
I'm trying to really pay attention to this more :)
Blessings to you..

Peter P said...

Awesome post Sherri!

dawn said...

Great post. Its tough to see the immediate benefits of being a sahm, but there will be many as you see your children grow into wonderful adults. I try and count my blessings every night before I sleep. Not only am I blessed with my healthy children and wonderful husband..I don't have to get up and go out into the cold for work in the morning!!! I get to stay home and snuggle with the boys, have my coffee break when I want to and enjoy making my house a home and haven for my family.
But yes we all have the days of boredom and monotony..your not alone.

Jesus is LORD said...


Your comment that we are all walking miracles is both excellent and true.

God has given us good reason to be happy simply by giving us a life with hope.

Blessings to you...
Chris Esty
The Bible Post