Monday, December 22, 2008

House Of Prayer

Have you walked into a church recently and wondered where God went? I have, to many times. I also am in awe at how so many churches could compromise the gospel. In order to become "seeker friendly" they are preaching flowery sermons about love and leaving out the truth about hell. I wonder how people of God could get so far off from what God really expects of his church. My only conclusion is, they have neglected prayer.

When we neglect prayer, it gives Satan the opportunity to twist things for his purpose and take us off course. It can start out looking like such a great thing for God and in the end it is a just hair off the gospel. In the end, it was not what God intended.

If the people of God were in constant prayer in every aspect of what God wanted from them, things would be very different. I love the body of Christ but I believe we have left God out. It is His body and His church, so why is it that we decide what is best without even consulting Him. It should be through prayer that everything is bathed.

When the outside world is in need, they are looking for something bigger than themselves. They come to a church to find the supernatural power of God, but many times the power is not there. Without prayer we are not connected to the supernatural power of God. It is only through prayer that we are connected to God and given the ability to become vessel of His power. We can not do "great things" for God.... God can only do ""great things" through us.... But it takes prayer to know what He wants to do through us.

If the church is to change and become what God intended, it must first become a house of prayer. Not just a house of prayer but a house of continual prayer. The only way this would happen is for us to first become people of prayer. We must be people who first seek God, then follow His lead. If we do, He will take us to amazing places. We will begin to see the supernatural happen around us. Things that could only be by the power of God.

Why is it that most churches don't even have a prayer room any more? How could we leave out such a significant part of the building? It's like having a beautiful car, you open the hood and the engine is gone. Without the engine the car is useless, it goes nowhere. It is the same with the church, without prayer, the church is rendered useless for the kingdom of God. It's useful for Satan though.

I believe God wants to show us incredible things, if we only will seek. We must go back to what our ancestors did and pray with fervor. We must become people of prayer and our churches must become houses of prayer. It is the only way to reach a dying world.


Peter P said...


valerie lynn said...

Amen! I remember going to church as a little girl. There was not a time limit on church. There was not a time limit on prayer. We worshipped and praised the Lord no matter how long it took. We prayed and we prayed to the Lord. Today church is like a "microwave" type of worship. Get things done quickly and in order. Don't go against the program. Don't pay attention to the Holy Spirit. So sad, but so true! Let's get back to the "old time religion!" AMEN

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. I thank God for you. I pray you have a blessed and Merry Christmas my friend. I pray for joy, peace, love and happiness for you and your family. I love you!

Epiphany said...

I absolutely agree with you. Church services have become so programmed, so routine, that they've left God out! There is no room to be moved by the Spirit and keep going with the Spirit, you have to keep to the minute-by-minute schedule.

I wish I knew a solution to this! How to get the church to see what they are doing. It's so ingrained change is so difficult.

leslie said...

Well said, Sherri. If we do all the talking, when do we stop to listen? Prayer is how we hear from God.

mom2six said...

You might check out this website as to what a few churches are planning for the coming year regarding prayer - I just ran across it this morning. I do not attend any of the churches that are participating, just an individual that feels like you that prayer is vital to the body of Christ. The church I do attend does do 21 days of prayer and fasting every year from Jan. 1-21. I plan to participate in both, to go along with what I already do in my own private closet. In Jesus.

Superdork said...

Hello. I have been reading you're blog for a little while now, thanks to my friend Toivoa.

I like what you are doing in you're 12 days of Xmas thing. It is inspiring to see how God works in other people.

I only started going to church about 6 months ago and I don't think we have a prayer room... I'm not sure. =S

I pray alot for God to tell me what he wants to do but when things are unclear I just improvise and do what I think he would me to do. That's ok, right?

I'm still learning alot of stuff =S


Ben said...

Awesome again sis, Prayer is what we need, what we miss, what makes us different and is our chief weapon to beat the enemy.Prayer tells us in advance of all the landmines the devil has laid for us.

Sherri Watt said...


Keep praying and seeking God for your answers. He gives us answers in different ways. Through the bible, through our spirit, through Godly council. Sometimes it can be hard to discern what to do so we have to do what we think best. God will not be upset if we read it wrong, if we are praying and trying to seek His will.

God Bless!!

Toivoa ja Elämän said...

I agree with you but the only thing is that I would say it is not necessary to have a specific "prayer room" as such, prayer is not limited to a place and prayer can and should be done anywhere in the church, not to mention absolutely anywhere, anytime.