Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Dieing Nation

A nation is dieing.... Idols..... There everywhere.... Don't you care.....?

God has said repent, turn back, but no one is listening. It affects us only mildly. Pray, ask for forgiveness, but where’s your passion, your surrender? Why won't you give it all? Where is your surrendered heart? God asks. "Where are my people that are willing to die for me? Where are the ones that are willing to fall to there knees? Those that will forsake there pride, look like a fool to the world and cry out my name?"

Don't you see the pain in Gods eyes as He looks upon a people that have spit upon His mercy? Don't you see the arms of a Father that falls to His knees as He watches the children He sent His son for turn and walk away? His son had to die for this, for those that speak so nicely but have no love? For the lukewarm, so lacking in love that they would rather live comfortably than feed a starving child? That would judge the less fortunate and only walk by someone begging for food?

I watch a nation, building its temples, other Gods everywhere. Every religion accepted in a tolerant world. If you don't like what God said in His bible, then you just change it to suit you. Blasphemy! God says "go and worship your other Gods, worship you money." "Build you churches that have no passion in them." "I will not bless you", God says to America. "How dare you defile My sacrifice that was given."

"But when your own child lies dieing and you have nowhere to turn, what then. What then will you do? Will you throw your hands up in the air then? Will you put your pride aside then? Will you give up your treasures then? Will you cry out to me then? Or will you still care how you look to the rest of the world? Will you still worry about what others might think of you or say?"

"You have lost your heart for me." says God, "In my mercy, I will warn you once more...... Repent, turn back......"

"Care for the poor and the hurting..... Change your heart..... before it’s to late....."


Tammy said...

Great post!

To be tolerant of the christian faith would be a miracle in today's world. But someday every knee will bow and every tongue will confess to our Lord!

mom2six said...

Repent, I hear God calling as well. I pray it is not already too late!! But as Tammy says, one day every knee will bow - I pray more will bow in repentence before they bow in sorrow instead of adoration of their coming King.

I intercede with you...In Jesus,