Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not at my Best

Yesterday morning I woke up early in the morning with that sick feeling. The feeling where your stomach is doing flip flops and your not sure if your going to be sick but you kind of wish you would. Since then I have been a bit under the weather so bear with me, I may not make any sense today.

I have been thinking a lot about Satan’s way of stopping our progress yesterday and today. It seems like just when I feel like I am achieving huge spiritual breakthroughs, my body gives out on me and I become sick. I am wondering if this sickness, like many others in the past, is a way for Satan to try and stop my progress.

As I look back now, there have been times that once I got sick; the progress I was making seemed to stop. I would be pursuing something with fervent prayer and all the sudden I would fall sick. I wouldn't feel like praying so the pursuit would be stopped. After getting well, the momentum was gone.

So I am wondering, is this what Satan uses to stop me? Has this happened to anyone else?

Today, I am feeling a little better but still under the weather. I have decided that this too will pass and I am going to power through it with the same fervor in prayer. This time, Satan will not stop my progress. Sickness will not stop my pursuit of holiness and closeness to my God.

Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world!


Anonymous said...

Sherri I pray God's healing power over you my friend. I pray that the healing power of God go from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. By His stripes you are healed right now in Jesus name! I pray that strength be given to you in the name of Jesus. AMEN!

My dear you are not alone in Satan pulling out all his "schemes" in getting your mind off of God. I have been there and done that. This is when we must stay strong in the word of God. We must speak scriptures out loud to Satan. We begin by saying, "the word of God which is truth and power assures me that: "greater is He Who lives in me than he who lives in this world! No weapon formed against me shall be able to prosper and by His stripes I AM HEALED! You do not have any power over me devil! I am victorious! I am a child of the most High God! I have read the end of the Book and you are defeated! AMEN!

There is indeed healing power and strength in God's word. Get well my sweet friend. I love you!


R.L.Scovens said...

This does happen to me too...As soon as I start up a new exercise schedule, something will happen to set me back! Just keep getting back on the wagon...every time!lol

Anonymous said...

i am not sure how this works.
but, i hope you get some rest and can pick up where you left off when you feel better.

Peter P said...


I pray that God will defeat this attack against you and give you the strength to complete the task He has given you.


Brenda B said...

Dear Sherri,
If there is one word of encouragement I can offer, it is that you are worth fighting for! That's why the devil gives us fits when we are about our Lord's business. I get attacked usually right before I am scheduled to give a testimony or sing or present a workshop. The last thing Satan wants is for us to be effective in ministry so he tries to defeat us before we ever reach the front lines. He also abuses me whenever I try to do something good or healthy or positive in my life. He would love nothing more than to make us ineffective and have us feel defeated and useless. But, as I said, you are worth fighting for. The Lord already fought the ultimate battle and saved your soul. Now you must fight in His power and strength and by His mighty Word to walk in victory. Fatigue and illness are two of the devil's most utilized strategies, because the body is weak. Remember his assault on Jesus in the wilderness. But, Sherri - you are able to do more than you can think or imagine in Christ Jesus! Rise up and walk! I love you in the Lord.

Sherri Watt said...

Thanks everyone for your words and prayers... I am still under the weather but staying strong in the spirit! Praise God!

God Bless You all!

Gi said...

After you have done praying do you come against the backlash of the enemy? When we are making inroads into the enemies, he would retaliate in such a way.

God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

AMEN! To what everyone else said; they all said what I would of, especially Valerie Lynn. Seems you have a great support group and as Christians the enemy is going to try even harder to beat us down than the non-Christians, only because we are a threat to him. So every time Satan strikes his ugly head, remind Him of his future and know that he must be attacking you because you are preaching the name of Christ.

Sherri Watt said...

Gi, Yes I do get that at times. I think when the enemy sees that we are really a threat he attacks us more directly. Besides addressing him, I often sing praises and he runs.

Sarah, Thanks for the comment, I like what Valerie said also. I like your idea of reminding Satan what he has coming! Great!

God Bless!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Sherri, you pose a great question that I'm sure many of have asked time and again. I do believe that often times Satan is working against us when this happens. The closer we come to Christ, the more Satan fights to stop us. The good thing is we are able to discern and know when the enemy is attacking. We must stay fervent in our prayers during this time as God is much stronger than Satan.
The most important thing to remember is to never give up, keep the hope, keep the faith, not matter how difficult the situation. The minute we allow ourselves to let the sickness, the hurt, or whatever the case may be take control, we open the door to the enemy. God Bless You. Hope you are feeling much better.