Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blessing In An Envelope

Yesterday as I trudged out to the mailbox to pick up the mail, I was filled with internal dialog. It went something like this....

Financial stress has been mounting. The holiday season is upon us. My son's wedding in Texas is coming in January. There is never enough money at the end of month. House is on the market but not selling. What are we going to do? "Lord, we need a miracle here."

I open the mailbox, take out the mail and trudge back inside. Bill.... bill.... bill.... Hmmm. What’s this from the Carpenters Union? Probably just another health benefits notification. I start to put it all on the table. I'll just let my husband deal with it, I think to myself. Something changes my mind.... No, I might as well open it.

I stand and stare in amazement. It’s not a health benefits notification, it’s a check. And not a small check. It appears that the Union is paying us vacation benefits that we didn't even know we had. Once again the picture is much bigger than we can see from our vantage point. I was worried but as always God was not. He of course knew this would happen.

The tears begin to stream down my face as I pick up the phone to dial my husbands number. When he answers all I can do is sob. "Honey, what’s wrong?!?!" he says to me. "What happened?!?!" After I finally gain my composure all I can say to him is "I can't believe God, He is so good!" Once again God had delivered a miracle our way. This time it came through the mail in a little white envelope.

Why is it that we continue to doubt the goodness of God? Or that we hold onto our worry when we shouldn't? Why is it that we can't just put it all in His hands and leave it there? Over and over again He shows us that He is faithful, that He will take care of us. He provided manna to His people everyday for forty years, now that's a faithful God. Our flesh just seems to get in the way.

Today is Thanksgiving and I am once again in awe of God. I am thankful for many things but most of all for His faithfulness and love. I am blessed even when I least deserve it.

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