Sunday, November 30, 2008

Meet Larry the Smiley Guy

I have always liked a good smile. Turn that frown upside down is what I say. So much so, that I was even nick-named smiley myself by some people. Well, you can see where I might like smiley faces. I just like them, they make me smile. I also like little silly things. So if I happen to run across some silly little thing that makes me smile or laugh I will probably buy it. That is how I met Larry.

I was perusing the isles at the neighborhood Christian bookstore, when I happened by a circular stand. It had many square bins in it with lots of fun things in them. In one bin I found a light up pen with a smiley head top on it. Oh boy, I had to have that. A smiley head that lights up, how fun would that be to write with.

Then I turned the stand and there he was, my new friend Larry. A bendable smiley guy who had a key chain screwed into the top of his head. Of course I had to have him.

After I paid for him, I immediately put his key chain on my keys and into my purse he went. I would get a real kick out of him each time I took my keys out of my purse. This was short lived though, because soon I would pull my keys out of my purse and no Larry. The screw that held him to the key chain kept coming out. I would screw him back on and go about my business but it kept happening. Larry did not want to be tied to a key chain. Instead, he was always ending up at the bottom of my purse. This is not such a good place to be. It can get really yucky down there.

So I took him out of my purse and sat him on the mail counter in the kitchen. The next week, I seemed to find him everywhere in the house. I would go into the bedroom and there he was on the dresser. Open a drawer, there he was. Into the bathroom, there he was. It was starting to get a little scary, he seemed to be taking on a life of his own.

Then next thing you know, I find him and not only has he taken on a life of his own but he now has a tattoo. Right there on his chest in big bold letters, "Smile, God Loves You!” I was shocked! Now, not only does he give you a smile, but he tells you to smile too. So I asked, "Larry, what were you thinking?" All he would do was smile. I am not a big tattoo fan but I guess if you are going to indulge, it might as well be a good message. His new tattoo is permanent. He will forever spread his message of Gods love right there on his chest.

For now, Larry is resting in the bedroom. But you just never know what he might do...

So stop by each Sunday to see what mischief Larry got himself into during the week. I will be posting a new story about his weekly adventures. If he will get a tattoo, he might just do anything!