Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Slave To The Flesh

Excuses.... Justifications......Permission Statements....

Who do these come from? Do they come from the enemy?

If it feels good, do it.
If it tastes good I should eat it.
I deserve to have what I want.
Just one time is OK.
I'll do it tomorrow, why do it today?
I'm to tired.
I'm to busy.
I have to much to do.
I don't feel like it.
I don't really need to.

How often have these statements stopped you from proceeding with what God has asked you to do? Often, the thoughts in our mind or the way we feel keep us from obeying God. They keep us bound up in our fleshly desires and we then miss a blessing. Sometimes we will miss the opportunity to do the will of God.

When we choose to obey in spite of how we feel or what we think, then we achieve true success. For true success is not defined by the money that we make or the position that we hold. It is defined by the desires of God, by finding the purpose He has for our lives. Once we find that purpose and begin to obey, God will take us one step at a time to our ultimate goal. To walk in Christ's image.


Johnnie Roll said...

Hello Sherri;

Just wanted to thank you for visiting my site..

You know, isn't it amazing how man/woman hasn't really changed over the centuries...Some are still selfish, some are still hung up on their selfs, some believe that they are more deserving than others, when in fact, what we really deserve is a fiery death in hell, for our disobedience...

I like what you write and the way your site is set up..It is refreshing to talk with other Christians as God works through us to reach the other lost souls in this cold and dark world in which we live in...My hope lies with the, Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ.My hope is not in this world getting any better...We are a lot like the children of Israel when Moses brought them up out of the land of Egypt..

May you have a Blessed day...


Gi said...

Please stop by my blog I have two awards waiting for you.

Michelle said...

Hi Sherri:) Sorry it took me so long to post and respond to your comment. I was kind of crunched for time the past couple of days. I'm new too. I will be following your blog... love it! Thanks for the comment. God bless.

As for the Billy Graham link:
I used the "Add a Picture" gadget.
The "Loved" picture is from "my pictures", and I put the Billy Graham link in the "link" part.
The URL is

Dan said...

Appreciate your site. You do a great job communicating truth which is so needed in our time. Great articles. All the best to you!

Sherri Watt said...

Thanks all of you for your comments!!! I appreciate all the kind words!