Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Symphony of Life

Each morning I see the sun rise over the horizon as it displays the brilliant colors of a great masterpiece. The light begins to rise and the pinks and oranges fill the sky. I look out my window and watch a beautiful picture emerge and it is as if God is saying good morning. As if He is saying, "come be with me, look, I have made a beautiful day for us to share."

My heart begins to swell as I watch the maestro of life begin his symphony. The creator of all things again revealing himself in the beauty of the earth. I wait, almost anticipating Him to appear in the skyline. How else could it reveal more.

There are many things about this earth that are not a thing of beauty. But there are also many things that are so amazing that they can leave you awestruck. Just the beauty revealed in nature can take your breath away.

I wonder, did God need to put such a variety of color in the leaves when they change and fall from the trees? Did he need to paint the sky every morning and evening or put soft billowy clouds there during the day? He didn't have to. The leaves could of all been the same color of brown and the sky a dull gray. Even the grass has different depth and shade. Incredible!

I picture an artist at work, with wide sweeping motions of his hands, pure joy in his heart, as he directs the glory of the earth. The maestro that sets the wind to blow, the birds to chirp, the frogs to croak and a beautiful song from those that love Him. What an awesome picture it creates in my mind. My heart begins to sing a new song with the thought.

As much beauty as there is on this earth, there is much more awaiting us in heaven. I long to see that beauty. To see Him face to face. To see the loving look in His eye, as he says "come my beloved I have made a place for you. A place where there are no more tears or longings, where joy abounds. " And then the words... "with you, I am well pleased". There are no other words that could ever mean more.

So for now, as I wait. I will start each day and put it in his hands. Open my heart so He can fill it with joy each morning. Look to Him throughout the day to point which direction. Settle down with Him at night. And hope as my Heavenly Father looks down on me through out the day, He is nudging the angels to say... "see that one, she's mine" as his face beams bright.

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Robin said...

Love your blog. Followed you too. I live surrendered, its part of our church values. Hope you will stop by my blessings and struggles of single mom blog. I do allot of my writting over their. but I have 3 blogs all together. Hope to get to know you too!