Monday, November 10, 2008

I Want to Become Dangerous

Have I stepped across the line of freedom and entered into rebellion?

No, I have just sold out completely to God and I am ready for whatever He has for me to do.

Call it extreme, call me a Jesus Freak but don't forget to call me ON FIRE FOR GOD!

I want to be strong in the name of Jesus. I want wisdom and the courage to take God-sized risks where very few will. I want to speak up in confidence when I have something to say. I want to be vulnerable and transparent. I want my life to draw others into this adventure that is life in Christ.

I have become desperate for God. Willing to go the extreme, do anything, fight any battle not to go through life as a mediocre christian.

To become desperate means to begin to live in the victory promised by Jesus Christ. Here is where you will have to turn your life in order to change and become who God intended you to be.

People that are starving in third world countries are desperate for food and water. When the relief truck comes full of food and water do they stand politely and wait their turn? No, they are desperate, they charge the truck, they want to live. They climb over one another to get to the food that will save their lives. When you are starving you are desperate.

Are you starving for God and desperate to know Him completely as I am? Are you in need of the bread of life and living water?

We are living in a dieing world where the lost are wandering around looking for answers, answers we as Christians have. Will you go on the path less traveled and become dangerous with me?

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