Monday, November 10, 2008

A New nation

On November 4th the nation spoke loud and clear. The 44th President of the United States will be Barack Obama. And yes, it is truly an historic event. For the first time an African American has risen to the greatest platform in America as President and commander in Chief. History has been made and I must say that when I think of that, I am glad to see discrimination defeated.

I believe that this event in history will take our nation into a new place and just like what was promised, true change is about to occur. We as a nation have pushed for change at whatever the cost and that is exactly what we will get. What was forgotten was to count the cost and to examine the outcome. Here is just a glimpse of what we have in store for us in the future.

The dignity and sanctity of life will no longer be upheld, he has promised planned parenthood the first thing he will do is sign the "Freedom of Choice Act" . In this, the debate over Roe vs Wade will be a thing of the past, a woman's choice to murder her own unborn child will be law. So I ask you, what will be next on the issue of life, legalized Euthanasia? If we can rid ourselves of the unborn children that cannot speak for themselves, will the old be the next that we should murder when they are no longer useful and can no longer speak for themselves.

And what will we see for the family? At least those that are left in our culture, with most ending in divorce? Will we still see the biblical definition of marriage be of one woman to one man as God intended it to be? The answer is no, President Obama has declared his aim to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. What this means is that gay and lesbian marriage will be legalized. Some states that have legalized gay and lesbian marriage have already begun to see the effects of this in the public schools. What has already begun to happen and will become normal in all public schools is "diversification education". Meaning, starting in Kindergarten, children will be taught that having 2 Mom's or 2 Dad's instead of a Mom and Dad is normal and OK. The Bible states very clearly and in several places that homosexual behavior is an abomination to God. He has defined it as sin and he hates sin. So what is next when it comes to the definition of marriage, will we accept more than one wife or more than one husband? Maybe harems are OK too. By what are we going to define right and wrong. When we move away from the bible as our definition of what is morally correct, what do we have to decide by?

Lets talk about our economy, what about that. Everyone is concerned about it, so much so that they bought into Obama's message and elected him President. His talk was all about "spreading the wealth around". Taxing the rich to give to the poor, a modern day robin-hood. Here is the problem with that theory. No where in the Bible does God punish the rich for the poor's benefit. He does tell the rich to help the poor, but he leaves the responsibility of that to his people, not the government. Even God does not require a larger tithe from the rich than the poor, its 10% across the board. Same percentage no matter what you make. When you force what God does not condone, it is the same as stealing from your brother. But mark my words, we will not see less taxes under President Obama, he has so many government programs that he needs funded that taxes will increase. You can not go to socialist type programs such as health-care and not raise taxes for it. Besides the bailout that now has to be paid for.

As our government becomes less and less Godly under the Presidency of Obama you have to ask yourself, "will God continue to bless a nation that is no longer built on His word?" We have already seen many issues take place where God is being taken out of our nation. God has been completely taken out of our school and creationism is forbidden to be taught. Even though more and more science has proven that there is no other explanation for our existence. They want to take any reference of God or scripture off of government buildings and off our money. They are trying to silence Christianity by screaming for tolerance. Tolerance will be our downfall, and Islam loves it. As we strive for tolerance and to be politically correct, Islam becomes more extreme and demands more tolerance of their religion. Islam is not a tolerant religion, they do not assimilate into a new culture and begin to blend in. They are not allowed to, their religion forbids it. So they create their own communities within the culture. They begin to ask that culture to assimilate to them. Islam is now sending missionaries into our country with the intent to convert America to Islam. President Obama has stated that he wants us to be NOT a christian nation but a nation that has Muslims, Jews, Christians and all religions in it. He will support the effort to take God out of our school and government and we will stop being "One nation under God". Will God bless us as a nation any more after we turn our backs on Him?

So, after all I have said, what do we do?

As Christians, we stand up for what we believe in, no matter what the cost. We decide to become intolerant of sin and stand up. We love people with all our hearts but hate the sin around us. That is what we do, we get to work. We don't get depressed or curl up into a fetal position. Our God is still sovereign and in charge. He raises up Kings and deposes them. And we that know His son Jesus Christ as our savior and Lord are still the apple of His eye. Our times are about to get tougher but our Lord that lives within us is the one that gives us strength to stand tall and firm. We are to get busy and be about our Fathers business.

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