Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eyes Wide Open

Yesterday was a very different day...

After my answers came to what this blog was to be about, I began to see everything around me differently. Mind you, I was driving in my car to a bible study when my answers came.

Every Tuesday morning I lead a women's bible study that lasts for about two hours. By the time I left there it was around noon. On the way home, I decided I would stop at the local Walmart to pickup a few random items. Normally I avoid Walmart like the plague, they are always so busy and you have to park a mile away. I know, I know, that in itself can be a lesson on patience if you approach it right. But I will leave that subject for another day.

I digress. Sorry. Back to the story.

As I got out of my car I notice there was as lady up ahead of me who was limping. She was pushing her cart to her car. I thought, "maybe she needs help, I'll ask her". But by the time I got to her she was already getting into her car.

Then I noticed a lady walking from her car towards the entrance with a scowl on her face. I wondered to myself what her problem might be. So, I said a small prayer for her.

As I approached the entrance myself, there was a tall thin man outside the door. He was a bell ringer for the Salvation Army. I looked straight at him and smiled a great big Jesus loves you smile at him. You know what he did, he smiled a great big smile right back at me. He smiled so big you could see his whole face light up.

I noticed everyone around me. I was so engaged in all the people, I almost forgot why I was there. As I checked out, I had a conversation with the women in front of me, the woman in back of me and the cashier. I was looking for any and every opportunity to mention Jesus, any opportunity to show his love to them. As you can probably figure out, I got to do that. We can stand around and wait for the opportunity or we can find a way to make one.

I used to be so afraid to talk to random strangers, why in the world was I afraid? The worst thing they can do is say something rude or mean. Didn't Jesus experience way worse than that. I think I should be able to handle a rude comment. Hows that for perspective.

I have a sister that shows no fear in this area. Check this out. As you well know, snacks and drinks are much needed items for a road trip. Several months ago, before we began a road trip together, we stopped at a gas station for supplies. As I was pondering my drink selection, I could hear her talking clear across the room. She had already picked and was in the process of purchasing. So she says to the cashier "What can I pray for you about today?" I have to say, my jaw hit the floor. Watching her engage total strangers in conversation inspires me.

The rest of my day was the same. I just seemed to notice everyone around me more clearly. I saw the world and the people in it through different eyes, through Christs eyes. And the best part, I was willing and ready to respond like him also.

Job 42:5 "I have heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you"

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Scott McQueen said...

I totally relate!, I am recently born again, and have not been much to share my new faith (other than my Blog), but I stepped out at work last night and just started speaking about Christ to one of my patients, he was already a christian, but it made him so happy that I would take the time to share my faith, both he and I were strengthened in Christ by just sharing the truth. I am going to have to take more risks for Christ, after all he risked everything for me. More of Him and les of me!
God Bless!
p.s. saw your site on LinkReferral, keep upt the great work for Christ!